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Home Cinema Engineering provides video display and audio calibration services throughout the UK. To get the best from audio visual equipment it needs to be hooked up correctly and then professionally calibrated. Click on the links below to find out more about what we can offer you or your company. The best pictures and the best sounds brought to you by Home Cinema Engineering.



Video Calibration

Video displays, whether TVs, plasma or LCD screens, or projection systems all benefit from accurate calibration.
See the film or television show as the Director intended.
Correctly set brightness, contrast, colour, and sharpness user controls.
Display devices make white by combining red, green and blue. Set these accurately to produce stunning true to life colour images.
Get the best out of the equipment that you have purchased and prolong its life.
State of the art calibration equipment and graphical software ensure that the calibration is accurate and the customer is provided with a report to prove that the job has been done right.


Audio Calibration

The weakest link in the chain determines its strength. Is your listening room the weakest link? Audio analysis will provide the answer.
Can it be improved? Almost always it can be, and it may well involve nothing more than repositioning the speakers or seating positions.
Sophisticated Real Time Analyser and reporting software provide clear, comprehensive reports pinpointing audio problems and enabling solutions to be effected.